Past Projects

Highlands Motorsport Park – Cromwell

highlands-motorsport-parkHighlands Motorsport Park is a first class race track based in Cromwell. We spent from May 2012 – March 2013 constructing the race track and go cart track. A substantial amount of earthworks, shaping, and landscaping was also completed. Downer was employed to complete the asphalting for this job. We are currently at Hampton Downs in the North Island completing similar works.

Contract sum: $4,500,000

Final cost: $4,500,000

Contact: Kevin O Neill - 027 443 7200

Macraes Gold Mine - Earthworks, Drainage and Tailings embankment

mcraes-mine-projectWorks include earthworks and drainage for mixed tailings embankment at Macraes Gold Mine, completed December 2012 – October 2013. This involved building a large tailings embankment around 4.3km in length. The dam had a high specification due to the toxic nature of the tailings.

Contract sum: $3,800,000

Final cost: $3,800,000

Contact: Mike Dodd – 021 396 180

Summerfield’s Stage 3/4:

summerfields-subdivision-projectSummerfield’s Stage 3/4 is located on McNulty Road, completed December 2014 – October 2015. The 33 lot subdivision also involved the installation of one 1.8m pump well and three 2.4m storage chambers. Summerfield’s was completed on time and on budget. We are currently completing Summerfield’s Stage 5/6.

Contract sum: $1,140,000

Final cost: $1,030,000

Contact: Campbell Hills – C. Hughes and Associates Ltd – 03 445 0376

Dam Build – Tarras

tarras-dam-projectThompsons Gorge Road Dam build is a HDPE lined irrigation dam, completed August 2015 – January 2016 with a storage capacity of 150,000m3. The dam was constructed using our TS14G scrapers for the bulk earthworks, along with a dozer and excavators to construct and shape for the HDPE liner. Irrigation Services completed the liner for this job.

Contract sum: $918,000

Final cost: $918,000

Contact: Bruce Jolly – 027 656 4269

Ohau Ski Resort – Ohau

ohau-ski-resort-projectWorks include slope reshaping and service installs, including 275mm concrete lined pipe, LV cable, air lines, & any associated structures. Completed February 2014 – June 2014.

Contract sum: $180,000

Final cost: $160,000

Contact: Michael Neilson – 03 438 9885

Industrial Subdivision:

industrial-subdivision-cromwell-projectIndustrial 8 lot Subdivision is located on McNulty Road, completed June 2015 – October 2015.

Contract sum: $625,000

Final cost: $565,000

Contact: Peter Dymock – Patterson Pitts Group - 03 445 1826